6 fun things to do on New Year's Eve if you don't feel like going out

Are you a New Year’s Eve lover or hater? Most people’s feelings about this special day seem to sway strongly in one direction or the other.

While some view New Year’s Eve as the perfect excuse to have a fun time with friends and sip champagne, others just wind up increasingly disappointed as the years pass, with expectations that are set too high and hangover tolerances that are far too low.

Here are some different ways to celebrate New Year’s this year for all of the haters out there. Skip the clubs, lower your expectations, and have a fun night with one of these activities instead!

Have an epic games night

A good old games night with friends never fails. If board games are your jam, then battle it out with a few rounds of Monopoly or Settlers of Catan. If you’re planning on enjoying a few drinks and laughs, break out Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme.

If you have a gaming console, Jackbox has a ton of fun and easy multiplayer games. It can be purchased online, and players use their smartphones to submit their answers. This is also the perfect time to dust off your old Rock Band set or have a Mario Kart tournament.

Make a vision board

What better way to end the year than by doing some prepping for the next one?

Whether you’re planning on spending New Year’s Eve on your own, with your significant other or with friends, making a vision board is a great way to have fun and get inspired for the upcoming year. Grab some old magazines, scissors and glue and you’re ready to go! Don’t have all the supplies? A Pinterest board will work just fine.

Eat breakfast

Spend the evening doing one of the best things ever: eating.

Better yet, spend it eating the best meal of the day: breakfast.

Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, waffles, bacon — cook it all. Then cover it all with syrup. Then spend the rest of the year eating it. Add mimosas or caesars for an extra touch. Invite friends or don’t. Ron Swanson would be proud.

Host a clothing swap

New Year, new you! Revitalize your wardrobe for 2018 without spending your hard earned cash by hosting a clothing swap night. Have your friends clean out their closets (yourself included), bring over what they no longer want, lay it all out around the living room and shop the night away!

Donate any leftover, unwanted items afterwards and you’re already collecting some karma points for the upcoming year.

Be the designated driver

Speaking of karma, start off the year with a good deed by staying sober and picking up your friends at the end of the night. It’s the perfect excuse to opt out of booze if you’re not feeling it this year, and you get to help keep your buddies safe while you’re at it.

Just imagine waking up on New Year’s Day, sans hangover and full of that good-deed-doing feeling. Plus, you’ll save all that money you would have normally spent on vodka sodas. Ca-ching!

Have a snowball fight

Round up all of the New Year’s Eve haters that you can, and spend the night embracing your inner child with a snowball fight of epic proportions. Organize a time and place, split into two teams, build some forts for protection and have at ‘er.

Don’t forget to bundle up and bring a big thermos of hot cocoa with you, of course.

We hope these ideas will help make this New Year’s Eve one to remember!