A 4,000km journey to promote healthy living

Leh2K is a cycling expedition against pollution with a purpose of spreading the message of “Healthy Living India”. The event aims to raise funds to start a drive for healthy commuting by millions of Indians using alternative modes of transport. Stay tuned for ongoing updates of the expedition:

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Leh – Rumtse (80 km)

Part 1
Fear of failure – if nothing else, that is the word that runs through your mind, when the first step on your journey goes wrong! Had a delayed start due to technical challenges with the bike which gave me another opportunity to see how helpful and selfless people in Leh are.

Not giving up coupled with coping for lost time is what makes you different. Beautiful journey through Karu where I was well received by the Indian Army Transit Camp (many thanks to Lt. Col. H.S. Kapoor), coupled with a visit to a school that was made famous due to a movie! This boosted my confidence multifold. If a movie could do this, definitely my ride can do something more…

Part 2

Continuous motivation with dedication. There will always be distractions, in my case it was the weather and the surroundings.

This was my first attempt cycling at a mountain range, and that too the Mighty Himalayas!, and one can greatly underestimate the odometer readings here. After doing average 200-300 kms on plains, I was quite confident of achieving in the 100s in the mountains, but what stayed up was a great steep path where I was accompanied by my friends and support crew Daman, Dhaval and Preeti on a cycle ride uphill towards a cozy homestay at Rumtse.

Learnt a lot about people and simplicity there!

Flag off Ride: September 7, 2018: 6pm to 7.20pm

Khardung La – Leh

Downward biking from the highest motorable road, from 18,380 ft to 11,500 ft through a 39km stretch surrounded by serene beauty through a span of 1 hours 20 mins.

What waits ahead is a journey of a lifetime ….

It’s all come down to reality. I stand at the Highest Motorable peak in the world and look down the road and see a beautiful path between the ever giving beautiful Earth and suddenly a sense of giving back gushes in. On one hand we fight wars to save our boundaries from any invasions and yet do nothing but exploit it internally.

Being an average human from working class, not an athlete nor a sportsperson, I really wanted to take the efforts to spread the message of #HealthyLivingIndia here to my fellow Indians and my friends across the globe to please join me in my efforts to bring this change together..To start with, please find ways using healthier ways of commuting (i.e. Cycling, Walking, Running etc.) during weekdays for Offices, School, Colleges and another professions with fixed schedules.

If you like my message, please share it in your respective groups as awareness is most important to imbibe the culture and choosing alternatives to support me in my cause through my cycling trip from Khardungla-Leh to KanyaKumari.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.