Are your healthy food choices problematic?


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In a never-ending quest to be healthy, there are many opportunities to go too far. 

As part of National Wellness Month, Dr. Sharon Thompson, the managing director of Central Phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology has some tips to identify when your best intentions of being healthy can actually be problematic.

  • Most of the food you eat is processed.
  • Beware the food labels that read that it’s low fat, low carb or gluten-free.
  • Healthy food labels are no guarantee that what’s inside is a good choice
  • Choose whole foods as much as you can
  • When you have to choose something in a box or a can, read the labels 
  • Get to know exactly what is in your food
  • A good rule of thumb: If you can’t pronounce it or recognize it as English, think twice about eating it

According to Thompson, there are times you may feel guilty on the food choices. 

  • Emotions are a big part of food and eating, good and bad ones
  • Adding guilt to food choices doesn’t feel good in the short term and will sabotage your goals in the long-term
  • Dealing with emotions around food is a great place to start on a journey towards healthy eating
  • Guilt, shame and judgement have no role in healthy eating

Thompson added that a person should not plan to sustain the changes they’ve made forever. She says that temporary changes can be helpful to correct a nutritional deficiency and a body size doesn’t make bad choices.

For example, she says if having too much sugar is bad at 180 pounds, it can be just as harmful at 120 pounds. 

Thompson said to also look forward to having some cheat day and added that your feelings about yourself depend on whether you resisted the cookie or any other junk food. 

She added that healthy eating is for nourishment and enjoyment and It is not an indictment on your personality traits. 

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