Ascent Children’s Health Services to close in Mountain Home, Arkansas

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. – Another facility that provides children’s health services in Mountain Home is closing its doors for good.

Bethany Johansen, who lives in Mountain Home, said, “This was everything for us. My children are going to be devastated if they lose their therapist because it’s not just the services they provide, it’s the relationship we have with each other.”

Ascent Children’s Health Services provides behavioral health and early childhood development services.

The provider said it closed its ten facilities based on a budget decision.

The one in Mountain Home is scheduled to close on November 30.

Kidspiration Pediatric Therapy Services is trying to fill the gap in Mountain Home.

Leah Coleman, the owner and director, said, “We’re working overtime, and as quickly as we can to be prepared for when they no longer have a place to go.”

They’re also trying to expand their services.

Coleman said, “In July, when Medicaid made all their changes, that was one of the things that opened up, is that we could possibly get a license for behavioral health. So that was already on our radar, and of course with Ascent closing, that has made us speed up our timeline a little bit, because there are a lot of kids who need those services.”

Through Care Center Ministries, a support network was also created for families who have children with mental health issues.

Coleman said, “There’s going to be meetings once, if not twice a month. There’s going to be a Facebook resource page and we’re going to be having guest speakers and just providing them with the resources, the education.”

With some of these children’s health services closing, families will need as much support as they can get.

“This is just another source of a loss for everybody in the community. So we’re all struggling to figure out where we’re going to go next,” Johansen said.

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