At last – this Aberdeen firm has the answer to healthy eating!

You can now eat healthily without knowing anything about nutrition.

So Oishi supplies healthy, organic nutritionally designed meals and complete breakfast smoothies direct to your workplace every morning.

They know how people find it hard to eat a healthy nutritious diet due to busy work or family life.

Founder and owner Paul Mair who has been a chef for 28 years and a nutritionist for 14 years said: “Unhealthy diet and obesity is at epidemic proportions and unnecessarily costs the NHS billions a year, where in the majority of cases all it takes is a dietary and small lifestyle changes.

“There may be others who do takeaway meals, but none are as dedicated to not only providing healthy nutritious meals, but also improving people’s health and wellbeing.

“No expense is spared from the free-range, organic or sustainable ingredients, to the stylish and recyclable packaging.

“Most people grab a sandwich, juice, crisps at lunch and a takeaway at night, but we can provide a healthy, nutritious lunch and dinner for half the price.

“Make delicious food is easy, making healthy food is easy, but making delicious and healthy food is the hard part, and that’s where our team’s years of experience shine through in our products from our meals to our complete breakfast smoothies.

“Even if you can’t cook or leave your desk you can be safe in the knowledge you are getting a good calorie counted nutritious.”

Because Paul lived, worked and travelled extensively in the Far East, the meals often have an Asian twist as well as Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South American influences.

So Oishi Nutrition and Health Solutions is an organisation of health and fitness professionals, including chefs and nutritionists that are dedicated to improving and educating people and companies about health, nutrition, disease prevention and general wellbeing.

As well as their healthy calorie counted meals So Oishi also provide:

  • Business lunches and lunches for conferences
  • Personalized nutrition programs
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Nutritional consultancy
  • Private chef
  • Health and lifestyle blogs
  • Recipes

For more details visit our website here.