Chesprocott Health Tips On Exercise Warmups And Stress Relief


The following are two of the Chesprocott’s Healthy Communities Coalition Health Tips, being offered by the Health District on a weekly basis throughout 2018:


Hint One:

Are you pumped and ready for action? 
Not so fast.
You should always warm up before you exercise. Warming up loosens your muscles and increases your heart rate, breathing, blood flow and temperature. All of these changes help prepare your body for activity so you can enjoy the full benefits of your workout and help protect yourself against injury.
Stretching also improves your posture, can ease back pain, improves your form, boosts joint health, and helps with stress.
Don’t take shortcuts to getting in shape. For the best outcome, ease your body into a 
healthy routine.


Hint Two:

Is stress affecting your mood and sleep? Then, it’s time to push back. While being active and having hobbies can help, you can also do simple things – like take frequent breaks throughout your day. Relaxation can help slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, increase blood flow to muscles, and improve sleep quality.
Learning how to relax is very important, too. One technique is imagining a peaceful place in your mind and then thinking of all the sights, sounds and smells of that place. Or you can practice deep breathing, with a focus on slow, deep and regular breaths, or tensing and relaxing the muscles in your body. You can try meditation, walking, coloring, tai chi, yoga, music therapy or aromatherapy. If none of these strategies work for you, find a way to relax that does. Whatever you do, take time to de-stress.
A few relaxation techinques that have been known to work include:
•Tai Chi
•Relaxing Music
•Guided Visualization
Muscle Relaxation
•Deep Breathing