Exercise Benefits You Mentally

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Getting active comes with many benefits such as keeping you in shape and healthy. 

But one benefit you may not realize you are gaining is free mental healthcare. 

For the past six months Jackie Comes has been sticking to a workout routine thanks to the help of her personal trainer. 

“A routine holds you accountable. It makes you definitely aware of what you’re doing and it gets you into a habit over time and that helps with the goals you’re trying to achieve,” Comes said. 

Comes says while it’s not always easy getting to the gym, the way she feels afterwards makes it all worthwhile. 

“I feel amazing. Like, walk out smiling, feel great. I’m excited, ready for the day,” Comes said. 

Her personal trainer, Katie Grevlos says exercise comes with a long list of benefits, one of them being a mood booster.

“Research suggests that, or shows that exercise can be a great way to decrease stress levels, improve sleep, improve energy levels, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety,” Grevlos said. 

And for Comes, those benefits carry on to her workplace helping her stay focused during the day. 

“My mind is more in check and I feel more productive after I workout in the morning,” Comes said.  

While the benefits of exercise are overwhelming, experts say be sure not to over do it either. 

“It’s important to avoid extremes. So, a good general recommendation or for the average individual would be to get at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day at least 3 to 5 times per week,” Grevlos said. 

Comes says rest days are crucial in her routine.

“It gets almost addicting to an extent so you want to go, go, go and you feel like you should. You can feel your body react to that and it wants to almost pull back a little bit,” Comes said. 

But after finding the right balance the mental health benefits from exercise may start to surprise you, and like Comes, keep you coming back. 

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