Family 411: Helping kids choose healthy snacks

by Megan O’Rourke, WRGT/WKEF

Advice to help your kids choose healthy snacks (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKRC) – For some parents, “snack” can be a dreaded word, with some people barely even getting dinner cleaned up before someone’s hungry again.

“It’s not even half an hour later, ‘Mom, I want a snack’,” Kary Ellen said. “It’s like, really?”

Registered dietitian Dr. Diana Cuy Castell said a lot of people in the US. aren’t choosing the right snacks, cause a lot of kid-friendly foods contain added sugars, and are high in sodium. Instead, she recommends fruits, veggies, and even some yogurts and trail mixes to hold little ones over until their next meal.

Otherwise, Dr. Castellanos said kids will want to binge, and because they’re so active, they need nutrients throughout the day.

Another tip to help with healthy snacking is to get your kids involved. Experts say if they’re part of the planning and preparing, they’re more likely to enjoy and eat the food.

“So, they know especially if I say, hey you need a fruit or a vegetable for a snack, before you’d have anything else. Oh okay, let me have broccoli or an apple or carrots. It’s nice to see them make those choices rather than me saying, no, you need to have this item,” said Kary Ellen.