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SAN RAMON, Calif., March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Healthy eating habits are essential for those striving for good health. Similar to the common question about whether or not to eat breakfast, many may wonder whether snacks are healthy. Like any question about nutrition, the answer may be different for each individual. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a membership benefits company offering resources for health and financial wellness, offers benefits allowing members to get advice on snacking and also provides discounts on healthy snack options.

“Snacks sometimes feel like the only thing that gets you through the day,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC. “When health is on the mind, it’s important to evaluate those snacking habits and potentially make some changes. Our benefits can help members with doing so.”

The decision to snack may come from actual hunger, but for many, it may come from dehydration or even boredom. Individuals wondering whether to snack should determine why they want to before they head to the fridge or, worse, the vending machine. Experts suggest drinking a glass of water when hungry between meals to rule out dehydration.

While some experts are definitely against snacking, others say it is a way to support metabolism if done correctly. For example, snacks should be included in the total calorie count for the day, which will be different for each person. That may mean meals need to be reduced to accommodate those snack calories. Especially when weight loss is a goal, snacks should not result in overeating.

Also, the type of snack is important. Traditional snacks are processed and can be high in sugars, carbs, or empty calories. Instead, experts recommend reaching for vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

FEBC members who aren’t sure what is best for their own health have access to a benefit that allows them to reach out to certified nutritionists at any time for advice. If they choose to snack, they also have access to discounts on certain healthy snack foods that cover a wide range of dietary habits, including gluten-free, high protein, and all-natural or organic foods and flavor preferences like fruits, nuts, chocolate, or grains.

“The decision to snack isn’t black and white,” said Martinez. “Sometimes snacks are necessary if, for example, lunch was unexpectedly small and dinner is still hours away. We hope our benefits empower our members to snack (or not) smart. And we hope they feel they can make healthy choices without straining their budget.”

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