Healthy Habits: Yoga for every age

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – Yoga is a form of low-impact exercise that most people can do at any age to alleviate stress and increase flexibility and strength.

In this month’s “Healthy Habits” segment with Vidant Health, two group exercise instructors, Don English and Phelicia Price, shared ways that people can practice yoga at any level.

Don English says that yoga isn’t only about the poses and postures — he says its about learning to pay attention and be present. He says yoga was originally conceived as a way to deal with stress, and that the ancient definition of ‘yoga’ would be translated today as ‘learning to let go of life’s stress.’

Daily practice can bring permanent change, he says.

A balanced yoga practice deals with physical issues and emotional/psychological issues.

Practicing yoga has some obvious benefits like joint health, muscular strength and tone, flexibility, energy and vitality, respiration, cardio & circulatory health and overall athletic performance.

There are also some less obvious benefits like the promotion of non-judgmental, mindful awareness with focus on body, breath, stretch and one’s emotional life. Yoga can also improve one’s sense of well-being, our ability to sleep and deal with stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It can also support a healthy endocrine system.

Be sure to look at the attached document for examples of easy morning poses to try!