Healthy living dominates 2018 food and beverage trends, says Euromonitor

These trends include healthy living, premiumization, plant-based and origin foods, shopper experience, modern grocery, emerging regional flavors, affordable quality, food technology and disruptive brands, said the market research firm.

“Healthy living is at the top of the food pyramid, impacting almost all categories and geographies in food and premiumization is paramount across all regions, primarily impacting snacks,”​ said Pinar Hosafci, head of packaged food research at Euromonitor.

ConfectioneryNews has picked some trends relevant to the chocolate candy category.

Raw foods on the rise

The number one trend is “back to nature and no to sugar,”​ according to Euromonitor.

“The healthy living trend can be described in two sub trends: back to nature and naturally functional,” ​Hosafci explained.

“The food industry continues to shift its focus from weight management to nutrition and natural wellbeing,”​ she added. “The industry has seen a rise in ‘raw foods’ – uncooked or unprocessed without being heated above 48˚C to preserve most of the natural vitamins and minerals.”

One of the products Euromonitor listed as related to the trend was Mulu’s raw chocolate from the UK.

“Meanwhile, the ‘naturally functional’ centers around the big trend of gut health, which has links with mental health and performance,”​ said Hosafci. “The rise in this trend concentrates on fermented food, ancient grains and probiotics, and healthy fats.”

Redefining indulgence

Euromonitor noted that indulgence would always be a core driver in foods.