Healthy Snack & Lunch Ideas for Back to School

Lynn Wagner Back to School Lunch(WLUK)

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Dr. Lynn Wagner joins Living with Amy with some quick, wholesome snack ideas and shares some tips to packing the perfect lunch.

Some tips to get started:

Let kids build snacks on their own – When kids help in the kitchen, they feel a sense of pride and ownership in the food they’ve made. Try this with your picky eaters!

Try not to restrict too much – instead, substitute with healthy alternatives. This can be as simple as swapping out processed fruit snacks with a small serving of dried cherries. Make your own fruit and yogurt parfaits for a sweet, cool treat instead of ice cream.

Be patient – Healthy changes take time and gradually introducing some of these snacks is a great way to get the whole family on board!

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Here are some family favorite snacks:

Popcorn (coconut oil, olive oil)

Veggies and homemade dip

Nut butter as a dip

High-quality cheese

Dried fruit (small amount)

Fresh or frozen fruit

Yogurt parfait with whole-fat Greek yogurt

Crackers and high-quality cheese