How to: Having a healthy summer lifestyle

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College life can take a toll on students with late nights and microwaved dinners. However, a break after a long semester can be used to attain and maintain mental and physical health.

Working toward regaining and keeping up with health does not need to be difficult and these resources can help.


The school year can leave students feeling drained. The first step to combat the feeling is to find motivation. Taking the time to listen to a motivational speaker or attending a seminar are options for the start of a cleansing journey.

The Austin Convention Center will host the Real Estate Wealth Expo on June 9 where world-class celebrity instructors will teach ways to be motivated and business-orientated. Speakers include Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Tod Talbot and Catrina Kidd. Attendees should register on their website beforehand. The cost starts at $69.

More affordable options can be accessed from a smartphone or computer. The power of YouTube can take anyone to a motivational seminar for free. Tony Robbins talks are available online as well as TED talks on motivation.

For readers, it takes the right book to find the inspiration to be productive. Motivational books can be found at


Part of feeling mentally and physically strong is allowing the body to feel replenished. Becoming self-aware of the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle is a step in a positive direction.

Heat Bootcamp, a group fitness center, offers free nutrition seminars to educate the community on the nutrients needed for a healthy body.

The seminars include frequently asked questions about nutrition. They are instructed by Maude Herndon, dietitian and fitness professional.

Cody Richardson, co-owner and general manager of Heat Bootcamp, said the next nutrition seminar will be focused on preparing meals throughout the week. This seminar will target working professionals and students who are having difficulty eating well due to busy schedules.

“Movement is necessary, but nutrition is essential for life,” Richardson said. “You can’t have one without the other and that’s why we love to have these seminars. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is your diet.”

The next nutrition seminar will be held in July at the San Marcos Heat Bootcamp location, 110 Martin Luther King Dr. To stay up-to-date, visit their Facebook page at Heat Bootcamp – San Marcos.


Yoga is a viable option for exercise. It is more than just twisting into a human pretzel and bending into downward dog. There are plenty of physical and mental benefits that come from the exercise.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, physical benefits of yoga include flexibility, improved respiration and better energy. It is also a great way to manage stress.

Jenni Martin, exercise science graduate student, is an assistant for Physical Fitness Wellness 1101. She instructs on different forms of yoga and its history.

“A lot of us go through our day and we’re extremely stressed,” Martin said. “I think being able to sit down, relax the mind, meditate and breathe through the stress you may be encountering is a great way to center yourself.”

Occasionally, Martin hosts free yoga sessions at Sewell Park. Her next session will be at 7 p.m. June 24 and open to everyone. For further information visit her Twitter: @jenni_martin.

The Recreation Center on campus can be intimidating for first-time gym goers. However, it has different group-fitness classes offered all summer that guide newcomers through workout routines.

A variety of classes are offered like cycling, HIIT, pilates and yoga. Prices start at $40 for a full summer of classes or $4 to try out a single class.

Cats Crunch, a free ten-minute class, is offered at 6:20 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Cats Crunch is a quick ab burner that includes a variation of crunches and planks.

Magdelena Barnes, chemistry junior, has been leading classes at the Rec Center for a year and is an instructor of Cats Crunch.

“The great thing about the group fitness classes is (they) are meant to fit any fitness level,” Barnes said. “Cats Crunch is a great class to go to for your first time. If you have ten minutes to spare, try it out, because it’s a good starting place.”

More information can be found at The Recreation Center’s website.

These resources are easily accessible when replenishing mental and physical health. The summer allows for time to find balance between physical activity, healthy eating habits and a positive mindset.