If You Feel Like Life Is Passing You By, This New Maltese Book Could Be Just What You Need

#Forty: Be The Change is going to be your new best friend

The ability to turn a struggle into something positive is an admirable thing indeed. And that is exactly what local entrepreneur and former MEP candidate Jonathan Shaw did.

After turning 40, Shaw realised half of his life was probably already over…

And he wasn’t very happy with the way he had been living it. In Malta, our life is often directed by our cultures and the norm; it is difficult not to base our beliefs and actions on the current flow of our very tightly-knit surroundings. Jonathan Shaw wanted to break away from this flow and look into what really makes us tick as individuals, and how we can set on to make the most of our lives on our own terms. He took this moment of revelation and used it to re-evaluate how he was living his life, starting notebook full of tips and tricks and important notes that he took along the way as he sought out a way to live life his own terms.

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And that is how #Forty: Be The Change came about.

What started off as a personal journal has turned into a book full of simple yet inspiring tips on approaching life in a new way, and making changes from within first. The book may be written from the perspective of a middle-aged Mediterranean man, but its contents cover a myriad of topics that are relevant to people of all ages. From learning how to reinvent yourself, teaching yourself to let go, to the art of firing people, #Forty is a book that people of all ages can benefit from.

Follow the book’s journey on Instagram through @fortybethechange.


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