Losing Weight, Gaining Health

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Committing to the gym and a healthy diet isn’t always easy. 

But one local woman says she was up for the challenge. 

Three years ago Kim Wahl was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

“I knew I needed to make a change to get better, and I wanted to feel better,” Wahl said.

Wahl was determined not to let the diagnosis win. That’s when she met Brendan Harberts, a personal trainer who would later become as she describes, family. 

“When she comes in it’s not a client trainer relationship. We are… we’re friends. We have a lot of fun training together and that’s so important for personal trainers to understand. You can’t just look at them as someone you’re training, you have to look at them as someone you care about,” Harberts said. 

Wahl works out with Harberts five times a week. It took a lot of conditioning to reach that point.

“I started slow and Brendan helped me just do a little bit at a time and each week we got better, stronger, doing more things,” Wahl said. 

More things like going for a run.

“I really never thought I could. It was hard to walk up stairs or really do anything. I never thought I’d get there but,” Wahl said. 

But she did.

“If I want to do something I can do it. I’m not afraid to do something. I did my first 5K a few months back, and that was awesome I never thought I would do a 5K,” Wahl said. 

Her workouts aren’t limited. They include everything from cardio and core strength to even using battle ropes. 

With already 176 down, Kim says she plans to continue, losing 17 more pounds reaching her goal. 

Wahl reached more than just her weight loss goal. When it comes to her diabetes, she says her blood work is looking great.

“Being a part of Kim’s you know health transformation has been amazing. She motivates me every day with her attitude when she comes in. She’s always ready to work no matter what’s going on, no matter what I put her through she always has a  great attitude and she is just a blessing to this gym,” Harberts said. 

She’s not the only one spreading motivation.

“He’s taught me more than I ever thought I could do,” Wahl said. 

Her final message is simple: make a realistic goal and stick to it.

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