New F5 House to Open in Moorhead.

In This Podcast:  Adam Martin, executive director of the 

F5 Project.


provides felons help in housing, job searches and support after leaving prison.  

You may have heard about F5 Project in the local media, social media posts or directly from its founder, Adam Martin. Martin is a five-time felon turned entrepreneur who is working to change the lives of prisoners while in confinement and prepare them to break the cycle of crime and foster the reuniting of families.

F5 Project believes what happens in one’s past does not need to determine one’s future. With ongoing communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation, F5 helps transition citizens from confinement to a new life.

Another F5 house for felons will open in Moorhead in October, and, hopefully, Grand Forks by the end of October.

From their Facebook Page today:

Hey Community – We have a need:

We are creating media centers in our houses so that a person staying with us can use it for communication with family/friends, job searches, resume work, watch a Ted-talk or take an online class, research healthy options in the community, and the millions of things we do on a computer every day. We are starting with two houses and we have internet, desks, and chairs.

What we need is two desktop computers that we can connect to internet and make this complete. This will enhance our ability to help our participants with SO many things. If you have a computer that you would like to donate, please email Amy at Thank you in advance for helping us make a difference!





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