School-based health clinic teaching students about healthy livin

Students learned about healthy decision. (Source: WALB)Students learned about healthy decision. (Source: WALB)
The doctor said she's seen more than one hundred patients. (Source: WALB)The doctor said she’s seen more than one hundred patients. (Source: WALB)
Principal Davis said he's happy with the clinic. (Source: WALB)Principal Davis said he’s happy with the clinic. (Source: WALB)


The school-based health clinic at Robert Harvey Elementary School in Dougherty County is proving to be a success, according to school principal John Davis III.  

The clinic opened in March. 

During it’s opening month the doctor saw more than one hundred students. 

Some were able to get long overdue prescriptions filled and delivered right to school. 

“Nurse Harvey and her staff have worked exceptionally well with us,” explained Principal Davis. “We’ve given pamphlets to our boys and girls, they’re on call of course because they’re in the building. I think it’s just a win, win.”

The clinic is also focusing on teaching students about healthy lifestyles. 

On Friday, each student enjoyed activities about practices they should be doing on a daily basis, like brushing their teeth and properly washing their hands. 

“We talk about things we do at home and different things as well,” said 7-year-old Bailey Bryan. 

Bryan said she is going to teach her siblings about what she learned. 

Albany Area Primary Health and Phoebe make the in-school clinics possible. 

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