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You’ve heard your friends talk about how automation has made their homes almost magical — washing machines that start and stop on their own, and robots that clean the house even when no one’s around.

So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to take the plunge and turn your home into a smart home. 

But where do you start? What does it even mean to have a smart home? Do you have to start rewiring your entire home? Does everything in your house have to be replaced now? 

Head down to the Big Weekends with Gain City and Qanvast group buy event for these answers and more, from 50 different interior designers — absolutely free. Or read on to get started on your smart home journey.

For the living room

The base of every smart home is a smart hub, like the Samsung Connect Home. This allows all your smart devices to communicate with each other. PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB

First things first — you’re going to need a smart Internet of Things (IOT) hub, like the Samsung Connect Home or Samsung Connect Home Pro. The smart IOT hub (also called smart hub), is the brain of your smart home. It connects all your home’s smart devices together, and lets them communicate with each other, while functioning as a Wi-Fi router for your home. 

The Connect Home and Connect Home Pro also have Wi-Fi mesh capabilities, so you can say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones in your residence. This means that you can start your smart washing machine’s spin cycle or redirect the mobile vacuum cleaner from anywhere in your house. 

Make the smarter home a safer home, with the Samsung Digital Door Lock for your front door. This digital door lock is a godsend if you’re someone who is always losing their keys. Simply scan your smartphone or enter your unique passcode to unlock the door. You can also use both methods for that added layer of security. 

For the kitchen

Start your Samsung washing machine with your smartphone, even if you’re out of the house. PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB

One of the most time-consuming and tedious household chores is doing the laundry. You will have more free time with any of Samsung’s smart washing machines

Picture this: you can start the cycle from your phone as you relax on the couch. And the Samsung Connect app will notify you when your laundry’s done.  

Plus, Samsung’s new QuickDrive technology reduces washing time by up to 50 per cent, and energy consumption by up to 20 per cent.

For the bedroom

With the Samsung Connect app, you can schedule your Samsung smart air-conditioner to come on at any time, letting you come home to that perfect temperature. PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB

There’s nothing like coming home to a perfectly-cooled house after a long, hot commute. But leaving the air-conditioner running the whole day uses a lot of electricity, and can lead to skyrocketing utility bills. That’s where Samsung’s smart air-conditioners come in. 

With the Samsung Connect app, you can schedule your air-conditioner to turn on 15 minutes or so before you walk through the door, allowing you to flop down on your sofa in air-conditioned comfort. 

But no-one can relax if their house is a complete mess. Samsung has you covered again: the VR7000 POWERbot robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean your house when you’re away at work. 

Thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi functions, you can start, stop and reschedule it all through the Samsung Connect app, with the touch of a button. You can even track where it’s been through a handy “cleaning history” feature.