Start school with these fresh skincare tips | Baylor College of Medicine

Kim Chang (320x240)
Kim Chang, aesthetician with the Baylor Aesthetics Studio

Clear and healthy looking skin is a confidence boost for teens, but it’s not as if they can add it to their back-to-school shopping list. An aesthetician at Baylor College of Medicine offers tips on how teens can start the school year off with healthy skin, starting with a focus on damage from the summer sun.

“In the summer you are outside more, and you may start to see sun damage on your skin,” said Kim Chang, aesthetician with the Baylor Aesthetics Studio. “Because of this, a lot of teens, especially those with lighter skin, might have constant red skin.”

To help with sun-damaged skin, Chang suggests using face masks. “Teens like to do face masks. It’s kind of the in thing to do right now, and if they use it the right way, it could be really beneficial to giving them fresh and clean looking skin,” she added.

Face masks with ingredients such as a green tea, aloe, cucumber, thyme and hyaluronic acid will soothe and calm the skin. These masks won’t just help reduce redness from the sun, but they also can benefit acne prone skin by reducing inflammation.

When applying a face mask, it is important that it is applied while it is cool. Chang suggests keeping the face mask in the refrigerator. The coldness of the mask will not only refresh the skin, but also help with the erythema, or redness, by calming the skin.