Study; Weight Loss Tips You Must Follow

One herbal ingredient, which is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, may help in reducing body weight and obesity. As part of a new study, scientists have found that celastrol – the herbal active substance used in traditional Chinese medicine – can lead to significant weight loss and improve diabetes in obese mice. Celastrol was found to specifically activate satiety centres in the brain, Xinhua agency reports, IANS mentioned. These satiety centres play a major role in controlling body weight. In usual cases, the ones affected by obesity or diabetes tend to lose their satiety because of inactivity of leptin hormone. Celastrol, the drug helps in restoring leptin sensitivity and satiety.

The study, published in journal Diabetes, observed a significantly altered eating behavior in overweight animals. Food intake in mice reduced on administration of celastrol. This helped researchers determine the average weight loss of around 10% body weight within just a week!


Celastrol is a Chinese drug which may help in reducing obesity
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Relevance of the finding in humans still needs to be determined in humans, authors of the study mention. However, the working of satiety hormone leptin is similar in humans and mouse. Celastrol drug can thus have great potential in terms of weight loss and obesity.

Clinical trials of the study are currently ongoing in the US. Being overweight and obese can increase risks of various health conditions, such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

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And while drugs like celastrol may prove to be effective in reducing obesity, there are natural ways to do the same. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can work wonders in terms of losing weight and getting rid of obesity.


Exercising regularly can help in reducing obesity
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Following are some effective ways to lose weight and get rid of obesity:

1. Exercise regularly: The best way to lose weight is engage in physical activity. Cardio exercises can help in burning more calories and weight training exercises can help in strengthening of the body along with build-up of muscles. A healthy mix of both cardio and weight training can help in effective weight loss.

2. Healthy diet: A healthy diet is the key to lose weight and living a healthy lifestyle. People who are trying to lose weight or get rid of obesity need to make a few changes in their eating habits. They need to eat more nutritious foods, including fibres and proteins and healthy fats, and have less of refined carbs and fats.

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3. Quit smoking: Apart from increasing cancer risks, smoking can be dangerous for obese people and those who are trying to lose weight. it can hamper your weight loss progress and also be extremely harmful for health.


Quit smoking in order to get rid of obesity
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4. Reduce alcohol intake:Alcohol has lots of calories and can slow down your weight loss progress. People who are trying to lose weight must control alcohol intake and avoid it as far as possible.

5. Take less stress: Your levels of stress can impact your daily workout and the way your body assimilates the food you eat. Taking stress can increase cortisol levels in the body, which can make you overeat. High levels of cortisol can increase insulin levels in the body, thereby increasing craving for sugary and fatty foods.