Suunto 3 Fitness watch automatically alters your plan when you miss a workout

A new watch from fitness specialist Suunto wants to let you know it’s okay to miss a workout and will even replan your exercise routine accordingly.

The Suunto 3 Fitness has new adaptive training guidance that sets you up with a series of sessions after it considers your fitness level and exercise history. 

It’ll then keep an eye on you during your workout by using your heart rate data to make sure you’re exercising at the right intensity. Then, if you miss one of your sessions it’ll notice and change your workout regime for you.

A gentle reminder

In terms of tracking your workouts, this watch will be able to handle running, swimming, cycling and gym training plus it uses an optical heart rate sensor so it should be able to monitor your BPM accurately.

There’s no sign of GPS here though, so it may not be the best running watch for you.

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Gold and all black versions of the Suunto 3 Fitness

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Black, ocean and sakura versions of the Suunto 3 Fitness

There are smartwatch features in the Suunto 3 Fitness – it’s running the company’s own software rather than Android Wear – but it’s limited to just calls, texts and calendar notifications for now. You won’t be getting WhatsApp and other notifications through to your wrist with this.

It comes in five different colors with gold and all black looking slightly more premium against the basic ocean, sakura and black versions. 

The new wristwear was announced at CES 2018, but won’t be coming out until the spring this year. 

Pricing and availability hasn’t been confirmed for the US, UK or Australia, but we know it’s set to cost €229 (about £200, $275, AU$350) for the gold or all black versions while it’ll be €199 (about £175, $240, AU$300) for the ocean, sakura and black editions.

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