Technology and natural medicine meet

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) — As the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…and one natural health practitioner says that what’s going on inside your body will present itself outwardly.

On this Tech Tuesday, TV20 visited a natural medicine office to see what technologies go into traditional healing.

“I help you find out what’s going on inside your body,” said Amanda Grace, a certified natural health practitioner.

A visit to a natural health practitioner doesn’t involve prescriptions or drugs,

Practitioners like Grace look at your body’s symptoms and use technologies to help make you feel better by addressing the deeper issue that is causing discomfort.

“What I do is get to the roots of what’s causing a disease, rather than just taking care of a symptom, we look at ‘why?’ Why are you having that pain? Why are you having that cough?” Grace asked.

She does this by looking directly at certain parts of your body, like your eyes, fingernails, or tongue…

“When I see these type of teeth marks, it shows your tongue is swollen because your teeth are pushing into the edges, and that might indicate that there’s something going in with your sugars,” Grace said.

Or by using technologies like an interactive query system (IQS) to give her insight to the things she can’t see.

“Why can’t we use an interface for the body? So this is an interface between the computer and the body so that you can communicate and find out what’s really going on inside,” Grace explained.

Grace uses the system by pressing on a meridian in your thumb with a slight electrical impulse to which your body responds, and the strength of the reaction shows how strong or weak certain parts of your body are, like oxygen levels, lymph, and vein health.

Grace’s training taught her that every outside symptom has an inward cause… for example, she believes that wrinkles in certain parts of your face can be indicative of problems inside your body.

“A lot of my clients, especially women, want to just put the lotions on, you know “i want to look younger, i have these crow’s feet,” but if you get to the root cause, you find out, we can fix this from the inside,” she said.

After analyzing the results from the systems Grace uses, she makes recommendations for how her clients can improve their health — like herbal remedies, tinctures, or treatments.

“There are things that can bring your body into balance and help support weak systems,” Grace said.