The Courier » Weekend: Mental Health Moment


Every organization has those folks who are the only ones who can do a particular task while refusing to share the knowledge about how to do that task.

This is foolishness.

While some folks are very proprietary about their knowledge, there is true joy in sharing the wealth and rejoicing in another’s learning a new task or function. Just think of how much joy you had when your child learned how to walk, use a toilet, or even how to drive so they could take themselves to sports practice or school.

The same is true for us at work. We need to share the wealth.

Employees caught up in outsourcing have many times been tasked with training their replacements with euphemisms such as “knowledge transfer.” This is not what I am suggesting. What I would put forward is that mentoring the next generation of workers, or sharing knowledge with a coworker so that you can do each other’s assigned tasks, can be very rewarding and stress relieving while actually giving you some joy and satisfaction in a job well done.

Those of you who know me are aware that I love to cook and share meals with family and friends. For years, cooking has been my therapy. I have added to that joy lately by cooking some family favorites with grandchildren and letting them learn how to cook these favorites themselves.

I also love sharing favorite places with others, especially sightseeing in Chicago or visiting the Oval at Ohio State. There is something special about sharing the first time of looking out a favorite public window in Chicago or sharing the excitement of a church celebration at Old St. Pat’s and the stories behind the empty saint niche.

Sharing wisdom at work can be just as rewarding. It is challenging to be a new therapist and meet the agency productivity requirements while helping folks who come to us for assistance.

Figuring out how to balance a home and a professional life can be challenging. Support and assistance are usually appreciated, and we all know a burden shared is a burden that is lessened.

I tell folks all the time that we were not issued a deserted island at birth. We are meant to be connected to others. Sharing our knowledge, wisdom and life experiences is a way of loving each other and getting further along on the journey called life.

Stephani, coordinator of emergency services at Century Health, is a licensed independent social worker supervisor. She is on professional staff at Ohio State University at Lima. If you have a mental health question, please write to: Mental Health Moment, The Courier, P.O. Box 609, Findlay 45839.