Things That Are Making You Look Older

Your habits, style choices, and even your attitude are just a few ways you could age yourself. Here are the most common mistakes.

You wear the wrong bra

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Wearing the wrong bra size could not only be uncomfortable, but it could also make you look older than you really are. Karen Phillips, the account development team lead at online retailer, says the right bra could instantly make you appear taller, thinner, or younger. On the other hand, an ill-fitting bra could change the way your clothes fit and cause you to slouch—both of which instantly age you.

You wear clothes that don’t fit

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On a similar note, wearing clothes that don’t fit has just as much of an impact as wearing the wrong size bra. Janice Hurley, a professional image expert, says that clothing fit is more important than style or trends. Christie Maruka, a professional wardrobe stylist with more than 30 years of experience, agrees and says tailored clothes look great no matter your age. “I have [clients] try on everything in front of me, and much to their surprise they are covering up their bodies with big, baggy styles that are not flattering to them and add years to their actual age,” Maruka says. 

You wear chunky jewelry


Large, heavy jewelry could also be outdated. Instead, opt for delicate, timeless pieces such as thin chain necklaces or a tennis bracelet. These are the other style mistakes that make you look older.

You are a slave to trends

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Holding onto old trends (or jumping on every new one) could date your look. On the one hand, holding onto old traditions and repeating exact outfits from years past shows you haven’t upgraded your look. But overcompensating with every new shoe, bag, or clothing trend isn’t the best solution. Phillips suggests asking yourself two questions before buying a new piece for your wardrobe: Does the item make me happy and how many times a week will I wear this?