Tips to stay healthy during festive season

Indulge, but in limit; Stay hydrated

Water, small portions

Indulge, but in limit; Stay hydrated

Small portions: It’s okay to give yourself the freedom of indulging from time to time, especially when it’s Diwali (!) but make sure to ask for smaller portions, so you can stay safe from pounding on unwanted kilos.

Hydration: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, in regular intervals. It will keep you full, and will brush off the urge to drink sodas/aerated drinks.

Healthy snacks

Go for (healthy) snacking

Yes, those platefuls of pakoras, kachoris and mithai seem irresistible, but for the sake of your own good health- stick to healthy snacking during this festive season.

Opt for oats, fruit salads and juices, before heading to events or your friends’ and relatives’ place.

Another healthy option is to grab a handful of nuts while heading out, in order to avoid unhealthy eating.

Ensure balanced meals; Try detox and fasting

More tips

Ensure balanced meals; Try detox and fasting

It is advisable to balance your meal weightage each day. This means that if you’ve had a heavy lunch, you better go for lighter dinner, or vice-versa.

Also, take out a day for detox, once in a while. On such days, go for healthy options like fruits, salads, tea, sugar-free smoothies and juices.

Fasting, from time to time, can also help you stay healthy.

Make time for exercise

It’s extremely important to not let go of your exercise routine during the festive season. All that unhealthy eating is going to ruin your weight loss and fitness plans, if you don’t workout regularly. Simple aerobic exercises like running, biking, and swimming (regularly) can help.