VIDEO | A nationwide chain brings healthy options to road travelers in Delaware | State

The nationwide healthy sandwich shop, Pret a Manger (Pret) has officially opened their shop at the Delaware Welcome Center along I-95, the organizations first shop along a major U.S. Interstate.

Pret is known for providing freshly prepared food that is fast, convenient, and a great healthy option for anyone looking to steer clear of greasier alternatives.

Cassidy Bayer, of Northern Virginia, said it’s nice to have healthier options be more accessible to everyone, especially while on the go.

“Having this place is really great because I was coming into the rest stop thinking that I’m not going to buy anything, but, because I saw these healthy options, I decided to go for it,” said Bayer. “I think it just gives an alternative option to people like me who like to eat healthy and not fast food all the time.”

Organic coffee, hot and cold sandwiches, organic salads, and Acai bowls are only some of the meals freshly prepared onsite from which guests can pick. Some of their signature items include the Balsamic Chicken & Avocado Sandwich, Pret’s Famous Ham & Cheese Baguette, Pesto Chicken Salad and Moroccan Lentil Soup.

Lorraine Lee, of Australia, traveled to the U.S. with her husband, Morley, and have been traveling up and down the country for weeks. She said it’s nice to have a healthy option be reasonable and convenient.

“It’s better than all the fried stuff that we have been [seeing] and there is often not much to choose from in the way of healthy foods,” said Lee.

This new shop will also donate any unsold food to local charity Second Harvest. Pret has donated over 5 million meals to those in need since the first U.S. shop opened in New York City in 2000.



“It is really, really good,” said Susan Kane, of New Jersey. “It makes life a lot easier and I’m sick of all the fast food that you get at these services as you drive along the highway and I think it is about time that we had healthier options for everybody.”

The only reason Pennsylvania’s Janice Thomas said she stopped at the service plaza was because she saw it had a Pret.

“It’s better than eating hamburgers and french-fries,” said Thomas. “I just like what they offer.”

The new Pret a Manager is inside the Delaware Welcome Center and is located at 530 John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway in Newark.