WENY News – Family Fit Fest Day Promotes Healthy Tips and Well-Being

Montour Falls N.Y (WENY) – As a way to promote healthy living habits and overall well-being in the southern tier, Schuyler County Public Health partnered with Strong Kids Safe Kids held a family fit fest day for the community.

The event provided hands on and interactive activities for the youth to get them to enjoy exercising, learn more about healthy eating and why it will benefit them in the long run.

“So we wanted kids to start at an early age with learning what they can do to have a healthier life and live with fitness and live with better health and better food choices and things like that. So we have over thirty organizations around the community participating today to help us get that word out and spread that message.” Said Michelle Benjamin, Executive Director of Community Relations for Schuyler Hospital.

Kids in attendance were able to participate in obstacle courses while having the chance to leave with some goodies and important information; including like how much sugar is in some of the food and drinks they eat daily.

For more information on future events, see the Strong Kids Safe Kids or Schuyler County Public Health Facebook pages.