Workforce Perspective: Want healthy eating in your workplace? It takes the right attitude

We see it all the time at workplaces. Someone brings in doughnuts, muffins or cookies. These high-glycemic, sugar-laden and anti-nutrition-filled foods (it is a stretch to even call them food) elevate blood sugar, raise inflammatory markers and lead to a mid-morning energy crash.

After that energy crash, the body will crave these types of sugary foods again to obtain a quick energy spike.

What about the high calorie energy-absent business lunches (e.g. loads of high cheesy, chemically filled, dips, chips and casseroles)? Oh, yes, the beat goes on. The same energy spike and crash pattern continues throughout the day. That’s not productive and becomes counter productive to a business culture.

Do you snack when a deadline is looming or a stressful work situation comes up? I’m all for taking a break and walking away to clear your mind for a few moments, but don’t walk to the vending machine or the snack room.

The office is a common place where emotional eating can get you into trouble. Emotional eating does not solve the problem. It will only make you feel worse by adding inflammatory foods into your system. This can lead to conditions of chronic sickness and disease. Additionally, the pull of these non-nutrient dense and processed foods becomes highly addictive. We feel a sense of happiness or stress relief, but this happiness is temporary and misleading.

An unhealthy business culture is not only driven by poor food choices but also general management and business attitudes. Attitude drives behavior. If you want to succeed at anything, you need to have the right mindset. Attitude drives and forms mindset and vice versa.

By choosing your attitude, you get in that mood and send out a message that everyone understands, consciously or unconsciously.

I get it. We’re all human and have good days and bad days, but almost always you have a choice as to what attitude to adopt. It may be hard to fathom. There is nothing in any situation that dictates you must react in one way or another. You get the chance to make the call. In the food scenario above, culture can only change when the wellness mindset is established.

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Otherwise, all will continue without a hiccup.

Here’s another example. If you feel angry about something that happens, that’s how you choose to feel. No one makes you feel angry. Nothing in the event itself makes it necessary for you to feel that way. It is your choice. We have all seen the concept of an angry or bitter culture spread like wildfire through a business.

Attitude is infectious. It must start with the person staring at you in the mirror daily. Your attitude is the first thing people pick up when they encounter you or have face to face communication.

Just as laughing, smiling, and crying are infectious, attitude is also infectious. Before you say a word, your attitude can infect the people who see you with your same behavior and vice versa.

Guard you attitude. Protect the culture. Project a healthy environment. These are the keys to adopting and establishing wellness in the workplace.